06/2017. Together we can protect our Land

06/2017. Together we can protect our Land
The media is awash with reports of land wrangles that have resulted in the death of some and left others injured and living in fear. These wrangles are from the districts of Adjumani, Amuru, Mukono, Kayunga and in many other districts in Uganda. With the annual economic growth rate of 3%, there is huge pressure and demand for land for investments by the government, foreign governments, multinational corporations, and local investors in Uganda. Recently the government has attempted to amend the Article 26 of the constitution that would allow compulsory acquisition of land by government without adequate prior compensation of land owners. This would be a great setback in the land sector. During the just concluded Land Awareness Week, we were able to develop demands that need to be addressed for the case of Amuru District, hoping that once these demands are addressed there will be lasting peace in the district and in particular in Apaa sub-country where most of the land wrangles are taking place. Promoting land rights needs concerted efforts of all stakeholders. Together we protect our land. To read about the demands we developed during the Land Awareness Week in Amuru District that took place from 15th-19th May 2017, please follow the link below
2017 Land Awareness Week Asks


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