Breaking news!!!!!!The NRM caucus halts the passing of the Biotechnology and Biosafety Bill: What’s behind rushing this bill??????

According to our reliable sources, the NRM caucus that convened yesterday 25th/November/2013 halted the passing of the biotechnology and biosafety bill calling for more consultations. While some Members of parliament had been convinced with a presentation by a researcher from NARO the biggest percentage was not convinced at citing loopholes calling for more consultations The caucus agreed to re-analyse the bill word by word, line by Line and clause by clause which as PELUM we have been praying for to enable the public and the MPs themselves understand the bill before passing it. The meeting also resolved to meet the anti-GMO campaigners to go through the bill, word by word, line by Line and clause by clause to identify the contentious issues that “MUST” be addressed before passing it. After the analysis and consultations, there shall be another NRM caucus meeting where the MPS shall compare their reports with that of the Parliamentary committee of science and technology. As PELUM Uganda we do thank  the members of parliament for the continued efforts to advance the voices of your people in the policy development, monitoring and implementation process and pray for your continued support in this critical process.




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