Membership Information

PELUM Uganda currently has a membership of 56 organizations. All members pay an annual subscription fees which is paid by March 31st of each year to the Country Secretariat. (Download the Membership Policy 2015 for more details)
Ordinary membership US $150
Associate membership US $150
Individual membership US $150
Sponsor membership US $500+
Application Fees US $50. Only paid at the time of applying for Membership

How to join PELUM Uganda

  • Be a legally registered organization
  • Engage in or subscribe to participatory approaches
  • Exhibit record and experience in promoting sustainable agriculture
  • Actively promote indigenous knowledge and skills
  • Recognize the small holder farmer as key in sustainable development
  • Be committed and willing to share knowledge and skills through networking with other PELUM members
  • Be willing to participate actively in PELUM planning, training, research activities and promote the aims of the Association
  • Pay an annual subscription fee in accordance with PELUM regulations

How to apply for membership

  • All applicants for PELUM Uganda Membership must fill in an application form. This form can be accessed at the country secretariat or PELUM Uganda website. The application must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents and application fees must be paid upon receipt of an invoice from the Country Secretariat.
  • All applications for membership should be forwarded to the Country Board through the Country Secretariat in writing and signed by the applicant. The forms can be sent by post, email or delivered to the PELUM Uganda Country Secretariat office.
  • The application will be reviewed by the Country Board in light of the criteria for membership. Assessment visits will be conducted for organizations and interviews for individuals. For organizations, the assessors will look out for strategic plans, audited accounts, annual reports, constitutions and organizational legal status among others and as the board will decide from time to time using their assessment tools.
  • The Country Board will then review new applicants’ assessment reports and approve or disapprove applicants.
  • This is then followed by the Country Secretariat sharing feedback with both successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  • Successful applicants will receive a notification of approval together with a request to pay subscription fees. Once paid up, the applicant shall be admitted as a member of PELUM Uganda.
  • All admitted members shall have an Orientation meeting with the Country Secretariat and receive a PELUM Uganda Membership certificate.
  • The right of admission to membership is vested in the Country Board. If the Country Board rejects the application, it will give reasons for refusal. The Country Board reports any such refusal to the next Triennial General meeting for ratification by the Members. If those Members attending and entitled to vote decline by a simple majority to ratify refusal of membership, the applicant then becomes a Member.
  • The right of admission to membership is non-discriminatory, giving due consideration to gender equity and vulnerable groups.

Benefits of membership to PELUM

  • Attending PELUM organized workshops-national and regional for capacity building
  • Information sharing through PELUM publications
  • Networking with other NGOs and initiatives (exposure and exchange visits)
  • Support to small scale farmers that member organizations work with (engagements with ESAFF Uganda)
  • Broadened areas of operation
  • Collective advocacy

Member obligations/Contributions

  • Financial contributions
  • Time for attending PELUM events
  • Sharing best practices
  •   Resource persons for PELUM capacity building workshops
  • Marketing PELUM Association in different fora
  • Working towards the same purpose/goal as PELUM members
  • Shaping directing PELUM Uganda e.g. participating in the strategic planning events, meetings etc.
  • Member organisations shall ensure that the Country Working Group and Country Secretariat function effectively
  • Members shall annually share their updated profiles and information with the Country Secretariat. This will include geographical coverage and number of farmers reached among others.
  • Members shall designate a relevant staff to act as a contact person for PELUM Uganda.