Organisational Functioning

This domain of change focuses on ensuring organisational effectiveness by addressing the way organisation(s) function. The underlying hypothesis for this domain of change is that:

Stronger governance of organisation(s) is essential for effective organizational performance. 

This is achieved by emphasizing strong competencies among the membership, Country Board, management team and staff who in turn translate into fully functional organizational structures, systems and equipment and thus trigger stronger growth in members and a clearer understanding of PELUM Uganda and what it stands for.


Strategy Outcome

PELUM Uganda functioning efficiently and effectively as an organisation in the period 2017-2021


  1. A strong membership (governance, financial sustainability, M&E, etc).
  2. An effective and functioning Country Board and management.
  3. Adequate, relevant and functional systems (Knowledge management, ICT, etc)
  4. Adequate equipment and physical resources.
  5. Adequate, competent and well-motivated staff.