Programmes and Services

This domain of change focuses on the programmes and services that PELUM Uganda offers to its members and communities as a whole. The underlying hypothesis of this domain of change states that:

“If the PELUM Uganda programmes and services to its members are effective, the members will be empowered to become better in delivering on their mandates”.

The members will thus be better able to build the resilience of farming communities, operate more sustainably, promote sustainable farming systems and subsequently strongly promote development of agriculture markets and advocate for smallholder agricultural development.


Strategy Outcome

PELUM Uganda with programmes and services that strengthen members’ capacities to build resilience of farming communities in the period 2017-2021


  1. Promote sustainable farming systems i.e. seed security, climate resilience, Agro-ecology, indigenous knowledge on food and agriculture.
  2. Promote agriculture market development i.e. agricultural financing, value chain development, quality and standards.
  3. Influencing policies on agriculture i.e. policy research, advocacy engagements.