WE ARE NOW 52! Introducing Horizont3000 to the PELUM family

Please join me in welcoming HORIZONT3000 to the PELUM family. This brings the total PELUM Uganda membership to 52! About HORIZONT3000 Established in 1984, Horizont3000 implements and monitors development programs and projects and provides technical assistance to partners in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Vision: People in focus, respect, partnership and sustainability. Their regional office (East Africa) is based in Kampala. Mission: Every person is entitled to just and dignified living conditions and to self determination, irrespective of ethnic origin, gender or religion. Based on christian values, we offer support to people in our partner countries in their aspiration to improve the quality of their lives. Main activities: In both the formulation and implementation stages of programs and projects, Horizont3000 orients itself in principles of sustainability in its social and ecological aspects. Together with CSO representatives, and partner organisations, Horizont3000 assumes joint responsibility for a one-world approach which also includes awareness about the limited availability of natural and material resources. You can visit them at www. Horizont3000 for more details!


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