WE ARE NOW 57 MEMBERS! Welcome Iles de Paix NGO (IDP)

Please join us in welcoming ILES DE PAIX NGO (IDP) to the PELUM Uganda family. This brings the total membership to 57!  

About IDP

IDP is an international NGO that was established in 1962 but has been active in Uganda since 2017. IDP works in Belgium, Peru, Benin, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Uganda. In Uganda, they work in Kabarole and Kamwenge districts through their partners JESE and SATNET (also PELUM Uganda members).

Vision: A world allowing everybody to live in dignity and to develop its capacity; a supportive world which promotes access to human rights in a preserved environment.

Mission: Promotion of sustainable family farming and responsible feeding.

Main activities:

  1.  Integrated farm farming with households
  2. participatory action research in agro-ecology
  3. creation of market linkage
  4. improving storage of produce
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